Once a part of the winter spectacles …

As a long-standing partner of the FIS Alpine Ski World Cup, Audi demonstrates its participation in the skiing spectacle with banners. Over the years, the overall brand image has changed several times. It would be a shame if used banners ended up in a landfill and polluted the environment, since they are basically made of high quality material. The material can be reused to create a new product that carries forward the values of the brand.

A marine oasis for biodiversity conservation

The proceeds from the sale will go towards financing YouSea’s construction of a marine oasis, a sanctuary for marine animals and plants, in the Piran Bay. It will function similarly to natural underwater reefs. With this pilot project, the institute, together with external institutions, aims to research the structure’s multiplicative positive effects on the environment. The project will explore ways in which it could contribute to a more sustainable way of producing food in the future. It will also study how such structures remove carbon dioxide from the sea and how they clean it up. In degraded areas, this could increase the self-cleaning capacity of the sea, improving its quality and regeneration.
We encourage you to join us and follow us as we closely follow the evolution of life in the marine oasis.

Progress ensures we’re heading in the right direction

Today, Audi is being transformed by the quest to reduce environmental impact. Audi is a pioneer in bringing sustainable innovations to serial production, and as employees, we have embraced the brand’s sustainable values. According to Franci Bolta, CEO of the Audi brand in Slovenia, this is how the Audi Slovenia team came up with the idea for the project “Uporabimo uporabljeno” (Never Refuse to Reuse), which demonstrates the brand’s drive in the right direction.

Progress is not always linear

Irena Fonda has always had a close relationship with the sea. Thirty years ago, her father had the idea of a marine oasis, a concrete underwater structure that would serve as a sanctuary for marine animals. Now, partly due to the changed situation in Europe, she and her brother Leon Fonda have decided to revive the original idea, improve it and launch a pilot project with the YouSea Institute to create a marine oasis dedicated to research and raising awareness about the importance of sustainability, new ways of obtaining food from the sea, and preserving biodiversity.

Progress equals responsibility

Progress is not merely inventing something new. Mario Herzog, designer and maker of high-end shoes, believes that progress is the search for better ways of revitalizing what has already been invented in an original way, so that it can have a positive impact on the world in a new guise. This is how the designer revives and builds on the tradition of shoe craftsmanship, breathing new life into discarded Audi advertising banners and transforming them into sophisticated bags as part of the “Uporabimo uporabljeno” (Never Refuse to Reuse) project.